theformary : transforming waste through good design
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We love textiles… so much so that we were invited to share our fondness and expertise in an article on Sustainable Textiles for “Melting Point” by Dr Eric Dorfman. Published by Penguin 2008. The research for this book caused us to re-evaluate how we were working…

We decided to do it another way…

Moving from designing and producing home wares and furniture to using our specialised knowledge and decades of expertise to meet the demand for workable solutions for the vast amounts of commercial waste generated each year.

Our team of designers, from textile to industrial, in collaboration with our materials engineer now work with industries world wide, providing assistance through de-production processes and extending the useable life of waste products through clever and thoughtful redesign.

Designers: Bernadette Casey Snr Textile Designer, Sally Shanks Snr Furniture & Interiors Designer, Jamin Volbrecht Snr Product Designer

Technical: Mark Hildesley P.E. Snr Materials Engineer, Timothy O'Donovan Architectural Consultant

Business: Donna Riley Business Manager, Peter Thompson Logistics

Strategy: Nick Gerritsen Business Strategy, Marcello Hinxman-Allegri Business Development Europe

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."