Farewell 2009 – Hello New Year!

According to Plato “the life which is unexamined is not worth living” so in the final throws of this year we decided not so much to examine but to reflect on our favourite bits of 2009 that made life a little sweeter.

Favourite radio show/podcast: This American Life (www.thisamericanlife.org)

Best movie/doco: Untouchable girls (www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtSDaOscM_I)


Favourite flavours:
Whitebait we caught in Hokio Stream.
Cerviche from Chill Winstons (Vancouver)
Tomatoes plucked straight from the vine and eaten still warm from the afternoon sun.

Favourite exhibition:
Fashioning Felt. Just plain fantastic. (www.cooperhewitt.org/exhibitions/Fashioning-Felt)

2009 was a very sweet year from which we launch ourselves into the next.
2010 starts with fresh offices, our new HQ is a beautiful old building in Edward St, where as a child we would drive in our Vauxhall Viva for Mum for get fabric permanently pressed into folds which she then made into pleated skirts. (It was the 70’s! – pleated skirts, white frilly blouses, lace top socks and patent leather shoes)