A new vision.

Stories of Climate change hell do little to inspire us to change behaviours.
We can move from a high consumption, high stress lifestyle to something more desirable. As with all great developments its humble origins are with an idea.
By putting some thought into how a new sustainable lifestyle might look, we take the first step towards creating that future.
What would that future look like?

How will we live?,
What type of homes will we build?

How will we eat?
Will we have our own communal gardens? Will Eco-supermarkets replace the current models?

Where will we work?
What will the green economy look like? What new careers will be created?

How will we travel?.
“Beam me up Scotty”?

If we start focusing on how we would like the new sustainable world to be, then together we can build a vision. Then from that vision will emerge a desirable and sustainable world, an environment in which to thrive.

Lets start building it together.