The Formary in London

Well we made it, but not without some challenges… the four of us managing to get onto the wrong plane… nearly got Shanghai’d to Shanghai! Then there was the Friday Fives in / over Kazakhstan (well it was 5 o’clock somewhere)…

The Formary™ Friday Fives over Kahkisthan

The Formary™ Friday Fives over Kahkisthan
(L-R Peter Thompson, Bernadette Casey, Sally Shanks & Doug Trotter)

We loved meeting captain Graeme Palliser who served the “meanest” Gin & Tonics for our Friday Fives, and then organised for us to see the new technologies being incorporated into Air NZ planes (astounding innovation / very inspiring – nice to see such a great culture turnaround in Air NZ in recent years – having recently heard Rob Fyfe speak we can see where this change has emanated from). A visit to the cockpit after the flight was an amazing experience.

It’s been a hectic few days in London, and we’re very much looking forward to the launch tomorrow…