Thank you North and South

North and South magazine have kindly awarded The Formary an Honourable Mention in their New Zealander of the Year lineup.
We are chuffed with the acknowledgment, thanks N&S for the thumbs up!

We would also like to acknowledge a couple of people this year, people who have inspired us, motivated us and given us damn good advice:

Nick Gerritsen for your intelligence, foresight, belief and for deciding that our strategic meetings must be accompanied by wine.
Marcello Allegri for broad thinking, eloquent emails and for driving in peak hour traffic in Italy without a GPS, both brave and  cool.
Rob Fyfe for being a business role model to aspire to. A CEO who also takes the time to respond personally to our emails…nice!

We are excited about the coming year and especially the new projects and collaborations we get to dive into – after a couple of weeks R&R.

Come on in 2011, we’re waiting for you.