WoJo™ – Grand Design Eco Hero

banner-1297874830Kevin McCloud, well-known presenter of Grand Designs, has documented hundreds of buildings over the past two decades. This has given Kevin an enormously wide knowledge of materials, the latest technologies and new sustainable practices. This year he has personally chosen WoJo™ as one the best eco-innovations on the market.

WoJo™, a revolutionary new sustainable high performance upholstery fabric was developed for Starbucks using a unique up-cycling process, which saw Starbucks used coffee sacks combined with New Zealand Laneve™ wool to create an upholstery fabric capable of meeting Starbucks’ strict performance requirements.

At the formary™ we specialise in creating unique ways of converting post-industrial waste into valuable, marketable products and are so delighted that WoJo™ has been recognised by Kevin McCloud as a Green Hero. We are only just beginning to explore what is possible in the reuse of waste. When businesses are willing to innovate and make a sustained commitment to their environmental mission they can not only make a real difference but also help drive the best in sustainable innovation.