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The Formary

NZ Post

20 of New Zealand’s largest organisations produce around 860,000 uniforms annually.

Not satisfied with dumping in landfill or sending their used uniforms to third world countries, New Zealand Post decided to lead the way in addressing how corporations deal with used uniforms.

New Zealand Post turned to The Formary to develop a long term, scaleable, business model for the reuse of end of life garments.

Textile waste is a growing issue across the globe, with millions upon millions of tonnes being wasted every year. It’s estimated there is 105 million kilos a year of re-useable fibre that is currently being dumped in New Zealand landfills alone at an astronomical cost of about $17 million.

Redirecting and reforming this fibre resource could have serious environmental and economic benefits for New Zealand.

The Formary is proud to be working with New Zealand Post on this project.