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“Sustainability is no longer just an environmental or ethical concern – it is now a financial, business and investment imperative.” 

Do you produce, supply or buy clothing or textiles? We can help you to make tangible and measurable progress, reduce risk, build reputation and attract talent. 

There are so many sustainability hotspots in the clothing and textile industry, carbon emissions, modern slavery, animal welfare, and waste – and they often occur in different parts of the value chain. The Formary helps you identify what to focus on and supports the implementation of your sustainability strategy, enabling real progress.


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Sustainability Strategy

We help identify your top priority social and environmental topics

Sustainability Review

Independent review of current sustainability efforts, gap analysis, to inform next steps

Sustainability Implementation

Supporting the implementation of your sustainability strategy

Communicating Sustainability

Guidance on authentic and transparent communication of progress (and challenges) to your key audiences

Sustainability Pilot Projects

Scoping and delivery, supporting proof of concept

Staff Training

Building your teams sustainability knowledge and capability

Part Time Sustainability Manager

Embed temporarily in your organisation as an extra pair of hands to accelerate efforts

Ethical and Sustainable Procurement

Ensuring your procurement does not contribute to the exploitation of people or the planet

“We’re very fortunate and delighted to work with The Formary to help produce this wonderful sustainable product.  The unique production process, which overcomes many previous technical barriers, enables us to reuse our coffee sacks and reintroduce them into our stores in a way that further enhances their interiors for our customers.” 

- Thom Breslin

Director of Design, Starbucks

Research & Development

“The climate crisis is the number one issue of our time and clothing and textiles have a huge part to play in it.” Bernadette Casey, Founder

Every year over a hundred billion garments are produced, creating about 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, with only a fraction ever recycled. Most end up in landfill releasing Greenhouse gases they decompose. Billions of dollars are spent annually landfilling valuable commodities.

Helping you to take meaningful steps to address climate change, deforestation and water security by catalysing the reuse of textile resources. Advancing the transition to a circular economy by looping textile resources back into production. Reducing the draw on natural resources and environmental impacts.

The Formary’s ability to transform textile waste into innovative new product for our clients is a truly unique and savvy sustainable approach.

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